Create a Will That Makes Your Wishes Known

Make Your Wishes Known and Protect Your Rights

You do not want to push off creating a Will that represents your best interests. Work with Glickfield & Meeks Law for all of your estate planning and probate needs.

You have the right to protect your desires. Let our legal team help you to ensure your needs are met. Gain peace of mind knowing that protections are in place for your family, including:



Living wills

Guardianships to protect your dependents


Don’t let your wishes go unknown. Trust our legal team to create, maintain, and protect your will for years to come.

Get the Help You Need in Probate Court

You may be representing a loved one that has passed. You may be protecting what you believe is rightfully yours. Do not try to manage probate on your own. Let our legal experts help you through the process to potentially minimize taxes or to gain the best outcome possible.